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“Man of Steel” Movie Review

How do you improve on a classic superhero icon who already had two great movies? You make “Man of Steel.” This reboot to the classic superhero movie was a stark deviation from the earlier, campier films. And considering that it was written by Christopher Nolan, it shouldn’t be that surprising. Released in June 2013, it went on to gross over $400 million at the box office and has split the film community down the middle over whether it was great or terrible. I loved it a lot, because it made Superman a more believable figure. He was portrayed by British actor Henry Cavill, who admittedly could have acted with better depth and emotion. Amy Adams plays Lois Lane, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Daily Planet and Clark Kent/Superman’s love interest, with a good idea of what she’s doing. There are many other veteran actors in good supporting roles. These include Lawrence Fishbourne as Perry White, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, and even the long-unseen Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. The main villain in this movie is General Zod, a Kryptonian rebel out to reshape Earth into his home planet Krypton. He was portrayed by Michael Shannon in a ferocious and convincing performance. Near the end of the movie. Zod and Superman go all-out in a catastrophic fight across Metropolis, appropriately carried by Hans Zimmer’s moody score. While many movie-goers complain that “Man of Steel” was way too violent and too depressing a Superman movie, I say that’s not a bad thing. A dark, violent, and moody version of the titular character sounds more realistic then a campy and colorful adaptation. In fact, almost everyone loves “The Dark Knight” way more than the Burton/Schumacher films, so most of the complaints sound like they come from hypocrites. Still, even if some didn’t like it, it worked for me. And if you enjoy a dark, albeit admittedly loose narrative and watching Superman beating his foes to a pulp, “Man of Steel” could be the movie for you. With the DC Cinematic Universe now up and rolling, it’s tempting to see what’s in store next. But in the mean time, I won’t mind watching this film again.