Man of Steel: Was it Great or Terrible?

This is a pretty controversial topic in the movie category. The film has been out for over a year. Fans and critics alike are still hotly debating over the quality of “Man of Steel.” Some say it’s the Superman film people have been asking for, others barely count as a DC film. The following thoughts are going to strictly be my opinion. Don’t worry there are no spoilers ahead. It’s okay to read if you haven’t seen the movie.
I know that I already wrote a review for “Man of Steel,” so feel free to check that out too. But now I’m focusing on my opinion. Here it goes: I love “Man of Steel.” Call me crazy, but I love it and there’s nothing any of you haters can say that will change my mind. I love it for the same reasons I love “The Dark Knight.” It’s action-packed, it’s fast-paced and has a dark and gritty atmosphere. There could’ve been more character development and a little light humor thrown in for fun, but the great acting and epic battles can make up for that.
It’s by no means DC’s best comic book movie to date, with that honor belonging to “The Dark Knight.” But it’s still a pretty good entry. Some people complain saying they think that it’s on the path to another “Quest for Peace” or that it’s too dark and depressing. But I’m going to judge “Man of Steel” based on what it is, which is great. Also, the dark and somber tone of the film is supposed to be a result of all the destruction that Superman causes, and considering that that same tone was in Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy, Most of those complaint seem pretty baseless. After all, whoever said that superhero movies had to always be campy and colorful?
Think of this film like “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.” While it’s far from perfect, it’s still a really entertaining movie with unforgettable moments. Even though the plot of the movie was loose at some points, it’s characters keep it a great piece of entertainment.
So those are my thoughts on the movie. They’re likely to be different from yours. Again check out my “Man of Steel” movie review if you want to see more in-depth detail about the film. And don’t forget to Like, Comment and Follow my blog.

1 thought on “Man of Steel: Was it Great or Terrible?

  1. J.W. Kurtz

    It was terribly great! I pick movies apart like no other! But, when I watched this I was somewhat blind. Perhaps it was because the previous reboot was so…just terribly, terribly bad. Yeah, that’s it! I read many dissections and reviews after watching Man of Steel and I then learned that there was some GLARING issues with it. So I’d have to say it was pretty good (not great) until I learned from others that it wasn’t. BUT when compared to the previous iteration this was stellar! QUESTION: Just why does a terraforming device, a world engine, require weaponry???


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