PlayStation vs. Xbox

Everyone’s got their own gaming system. Great exclusives, massive hardware and unrivaled horsepower. But when it comes down to the absolute best console, it turns into an all-out debate. While many can argue that the PC is the most powerful of them all, it’s not really a gaming console. Today, I’m pitting Microsoft’s Xbox against Sony PlayStation. I’m including games from no earlier than the 5th generation, which began in 1996. I’ve played on many of these systems, but only one of them is better.
Round 1: Impact

Both the Xbox and the PlayStation have had a big impact on the industry. The original PlayStation debuted in 1995. It pushed two main ideas. the first one was that the era of cartridges was coming to an end with their emphasis on CD-based technology. The other idea was that games were no longer just kids toys. Also worth noting is that it was the first console to use two analog sticks on the controller.
The Xbox originally came in 2001 with a large library of games. In 2002, Xbox Live was launched, and was able to make online gaming viable for years to come.
It’s a bit unfair, but the PlayStation came first with more velocity and power then other consoles at the time.
Winner: PlayStation 1; Xbox 0
Round 2: Ageing
No game can look amazing forever. Despite their overall quality, not many games from the PS1 and the PS2 have aged very well. There are a few exceptions such as Gran Turismo 4 and Sands of Time. But beyond those, most PS games look a bit muddy. The graphics from the PS3 and the PS4 look beautiful, but we’ve still got some time before they’ve aged fully.
The Xbox was released with the Halo franchise, one of the most compelling and visually-striking series ever. Also, there was an RPG named Fable that, though over-hyped by Peter Molyneux, still was vibrantly animated. For these reasons I’ve got to give the Xbox a point here.
Winner: PlayStation 1; Xbox 1
Round 3: Hardware and Horsepower
An important feature in consoles is the hardware. For the PlayStation 3, it came with parts that were used to create supercomputers. It was the first console ever to successfully use Blu-Ray DVD technology on high-definition T.V.s. It came with the promise of the Cell Processor, a micro-architecture that can streamline performance and co-processing measures. However, its relatively small controller stayed the same for three gaming generations. The PS4 controller layout is different, but the size is about the same.
The Xbox arrived with a built-in disk drive, the first of its kind. It didn’t require any memory cards. It’s also built on regular PC hardware and inadvertently started modding. Unfortunately, while the 360 and Xbox One both delivered strong power, they both failed in their own rights. The 360’s rushed launch created the Red Ring of Death, causing systems to crash. Xbox One always had an online DRM, causing several games to not be playable for some time.
In this round, the PlayStation just nudged ahead.
Winner: PlayStation 2; Xbox 1
Round 4: Price Tags
The PlayStation 2 is still the best-selling console of all-time, with 155 million units sold. Sadly, the PS3 couldn’t reach that status because of its price tag. You know it’s eating up your wallet when it’s over 500 dollars. The PS4 isn’t any cheaper at about the same price.
The Xbox 360 was initially much more affordable at around 300 dollars, yet is still pricey. The Xbox One comes at around 400 dollars. While that system is still in its birth, the Xbox 360 sold slightly more units than the PS3.
Winner: PlayStation 2; Xbox 2
Round 5: The Games
The Xbox has had a multitude of great series and stand-alone games. These include Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Alan Wake, Forza Motorsport, and Psychonauts. Many of their other games are ports from other systems. While they have given us many memories, beyond Halo and Gears of War, few of their games have had a true standout identity. Because of this, Master Chief and Marcus Fenix are really the only mascots whose series has stayed great true and through.
Sony, on the other hand, has ushered in a ton of beloved franchises. Including but not limited to Resistance, Killzone, Sly Cooper, God of War, LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, and Kingdom Hearts. As well as stand alone games like Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Heavy Rain, Infamous, and of course The Last of Us. In addition, several games were ported to the systems first as third-party exclusives.
The PlayStation wins this one by a long shot.
Winner: PlayStation 3; Xbox 2
And the winner is: PlayStation!
Do you agree? The Xbox is amazing but the PlayStation is better. Be sure to calmly and politely comment and Follow. Also I would like to here some suggestions for my next video. See you later.


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