“Bioshock Infinite” Game Review

It’s one of the most acclaimed franchises of the last generation, with basically all of the installments considered amazing. This first-person shooter was originally released on March 26th, 2013, and has since managed to sell 6 million copies worldwide. It was designed, written, and directed by gaming legend, Ken Levine who also did the original Bioshock, as well as the precursor System Shock 2. Now in comparison, one could argue that the first Bioshock has a slightly better story with the characters and the writing. But this story-line is also incredibly well-written and fascinating. Set over 40 years before the events of the first game, you play Booker Dewitt, a former Pinkerton agent who is swimming in financial debt. Given one chance of redemption, he must rescue a woman named Elizabeth from the floating city of Columbia. Unfortunately, he is caught in a civil war between the rebellious Vox Populi and the racist leader Zachary Comstock. The gameplay is equally impressive, combining FPS with robust RPG elements, a sky-hook roller-coaster included. Also, the voice acting is done at a really high quality, with Troy Baker and Courtney Draper in the leading roles. The game unravels its unpredictable narrative over a good length of time. Just like the previous installments, there is a massive plot twist well into the game’s story, which is best left unspoiled here. On top of that, the game tackles themes of racism, fundamentalism, free will, hope, rebirth, and religion. In one scene, Elizabeth asks Booker if he is afraid of God. He answers, “No, but I’m afraid of you.” It shows how deep this game can be. Especially the mind-blowing ending that still has gamers and critics alike debating over its meaning. This is a must-have game for fans of the series and first-person shooters alike. Even when you’re done, there is still replay value to be had, from the numerous vigors you use to the morality choices.

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