“The Grad Budapest Hotel” Movie Review

In honor of the Oscar nominations, I decided to review one of my favorite movies from last year. This art-house comedy from artistic director Wes Anderson was an immediate success. The creative arc has a story wrapped in a book, wrapped in a movie. It focuses on the concierge Monsieur Gustav H. who is left a very expensive painting by his lover, and is quickly accused of murder by the lover’s family. Gustav is elegantly played by a profane Ralph Fiennes, who regularly spills out some profanity midway through a calm speech. That is what really brings the laughs in the film. Well, that and the beautiful visual style, hilarious characters and silly scenarios. Always at his side is his favorite lobby boy, Zero, portrayed outstandingly by Tony Revolori. Along the way, the duo encounter a vast number of cameos from Hollywood actors like Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, and Willem Dafoe who all play essential parts of the formula. One scene that cracked me up immensely was when Gustav and his cellmates were escaping prison, and had to fend off the goofy guards. Such a hilarious moment in a rather tense situation is proof of how great a director Wes Anderson is. While the central core of the film’s story is touching at some parts, it’s the ridiculous characters and memorable scenarios that help build up the laughter. Really sealing the package is the fact that Jude Law and Tom Wilkinson narrate as and both play an author who interviews Zero many years later for the aforementioned book. Ralph Fiennes is the driving force of this film’s fantastic cast, one profane joke after another. If you’re a Wes Anderson fan or just a fan of comedies in general, look no further than this satirical movie.

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