“Half Life” Game Review

Come on, Gaben, we need you to count to three. This first-person shooter was originally released on November 8th, 19998, and became an instant classic of the industry. It was the first major title released by the Valve Corporation, who have since dominated the PC Steam experience. In Half Life, you play theoretical physicist, Gordon Freeman, who leads an experiment to open a portal to an alternate dimension called Xen. His project is to be carried out in the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico. Unfortunately, the project goes haywire, creating a portal that causes creatures to pour in through Xen. Having survived the incident with his H.E.V. Hazmat Suit, it’s up to Gordon Freeman to stop them. Interestingly, Freeman is a silent protagonist. While it does allow the player to make their own voice, it’s truly hard to give him a personality. The weapons are greatly varied, ranging from the iconic crowbar to some alien weapons picked up from dead foes. Soon the Military shows up and starts killing everything in Black Mesa, humans and aliens alike. The ultra-tech soundtrack provided by Kelly Bailey accompanies Gordon Freeman as he navigates his way to victory. The most fascinating part of the game is how requires now cutscene footage, and instead proves that games can tell compelling stories through scripted sequences. The ending, which I won’t spoil, was slightly anticlimactic. Still, there is plenty of gameplay and visuals to sink your teeth into. There is a full review of Half Life 2 coming soon, but I still haven’t finished it yet. In the mean time, enjoy this game.

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