“Batman: Arkham City” Game Review

With the brand new Arkham Knight coming this June, I decided to recap on this franchise again. This action-adventure superhero video game was released on October 18th, 2011, and soon sold over six million copies worldwide. Now, is it better than than Arkham Asylum? Heck yeah it is. The overarching narrative takes place 6 months after the first game. Bruce Wayne is captured and thrown into the titular prison by Hugo Strange, who hopes to enact Protocol 10 by the end of the night. Wayne calls in his Batsuit, claiming he won’t leave until he knows what it is. What follows is a series of twists and turns galore featuring many iconic Batman villains. The combat and navigation mechanics are nothing short of impressive, with the ability to pick off enemies one by one with the Detective vision or take on a gang of thugs with kung-fu. Granted, just like the last game, the Detective Vision was extremely overpowered, but still fun. The Unreal Engine brings the titular prison to life in great detail, especially since you’re able to explore the open-aired environment around. It’s not the biggest open world game out there, but it’s certainly acceptable. The side missions are interesting as they feature Batman villains such as Bane, Deadshot, and of course the Riddler. Most of the voice cast returns from the first game, and still haven’t lost their touch, especially Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. New additions like Nolan North, Dee Bradley Baker and Corey Burton are welcome indeed. The soundtrack yet again is able to capture the grittiness and dark tone of the Christopher Nolan trilogy while the visuals and characters scream from the comic books. The boss fights didn’t have much challenge to them, but the one at the end was satisfying. This is without question the greatest superhero video game ever made, and one that I’ll have no trouble playing again and again.


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