“Half Life 2” Game Review

Need inspiration for how to make a sequel that improves on every aspect of the original? Look no further than this highly acclaimed first-person shooter. Half Life 2 was originally released on November 16th, 2004, and has since sold over 12 million copies worldwide. I guess that you can tell my opinion about this game through the opening line. Let’s get down to brass tax. Playing once again as the silent, emotionless mute Gordon Freeman, you are woken from a frozen stasis by G-Man into a world where aliens have taken control of cities. When you’re found and rescued by Dr. Eli Vance and his daughter Alyx, it’s up to you to lead the human resistance against the alien Combine. You’ll have fun going from location to location with the various weapons at your disposal. But the biggest standout has to be the Gravity Gun. This innovative weapon allowed the player to crush enemies and manipulate physics puzzles that make real world sense. In a later section of the game, you get an upgrade that lets you throw around people. So it doesn’t get repetitive. I’M fine with a shooter that goes from checkpoint to checkpoint in a linear fashion, but I wish could’ve explored this fascinating world as if it were open world. The characters are for the most part memorable. One of my favorites was a robot named Dog who was programmed to protect Alyx. Now the story last at about 10-12 hours long, more if you spend extra time trying out the cool weapons and solve the puzzles. Thanks to the Source engine, Half Life 2’s graphics still look amazing today. At $10 on Steam, this game is a modern classic that’s among the best of all time.

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