“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Movie Review

I absolutely had to come back and talk about the Avengers. Their were too awesome for me to ignore. This superhero action film was released on May 1st, 2015. At $279 million dollars, Age of Ultron is one of the most expensive Marvel films to date, but has still managed to gross $646 million at the box office so far. In yet another risky cross-over, The Avengers have to take down Ultron, an A.I. that Tony Stark created, but didn’t intend to become evil. The film gets off to a great start with one long tracking shot of the team plowing through a heavily armed Hydra army. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen join the cast as the twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, two orphans who received telekinetic and Super-speed powers. They eventually decide to work with the titular villain, who is so expertly played by James Spader that he was applauded off-set by the cast and crew. Perhaps the only fault with the plot is the developing romance between Black Widow and the Hulk, because it feels somewhat out of place. Hawkeye and his apparent family could’ve also used a tad more characterization. MArvel continues to blend action, comedy, drama, and heart without one dominating the other. The best example of this would be when Ultron and Iron Man treat each other like a father and a son during an intense battle. The orchestral soundtrack by Danny Elfman and Brian Tyler brings out the intensity of the battles, especially during the Hulk duel and the final climax. However, I must say that I had higher hopes for the end credit scene, as I had wished it could introduce Doctor Strange into the Universe. But overall, despite several minor flaws, Age of Ultron is superhero entertainment at it’s finest form . I have no trouble watching this film again and again.

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