“Star Wars” Trailer Reaction and Impressions

Well, this is a pretty late post, but I still couldn’t ignore it. What can I say that won’t immediately label my future posts as biased or untrustworthy? I guess I should be honest. Okay, first trailer reactions: “Oh um…alright. I guess that’s what Disney has done to our sacred Galaxy Far, Far Away.” The second trailer reactions: “Oh my God, yes!! I am so in for the ride! That looks so cool!” Glad I got that out of the way. I’m interested about the new cast of characters as well as those from yesteryear. If it’s to be believed, there should be a female protagonist this time around. And the iconic universe shall be expanded, hopefully without trying to retcon and fix the lore. And then there’s that new lightsaber. When it was first revealed, it caused a gigantic storm from fans over whether or not it’s weird, cool, out-of-place, or just flat-out stupid. For me, I think it was more of a reaction like, “whoa, what? What is that? Maybe they time to develop some new technology in the universe. I guess we’ll find out.” That was pretty mush my thoughts on both trailers. And I like second one much more than the first. I am eager to see what J.J. Abrams has in store for us. Be sure to leave you’re thoughts in the comments and remember to Like and Follow my blog for more posts.

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