“Wolfenstein: The New Order” Game Review

Just one more game to go after this review. This first-person shooter was released on May 20th, 2014, becoming an instant critical and commercial success. After the 2009 Wolfenstein was a large disappointment to fans, Bethesda and Id Software change the story to flat-out alternate history. The prologue starts in 1946 with the United States making one last desperate attack on the technologically advanced Nazis. After a rather pointless morality choice of which soldier to let die, the protagonist, B.J. Blazkowicz, goes into a coma for the next 14 years in a Polish mental hospital. When he wakes up, he sees that the Nazis have won World War II, and sets out to join the Resistance to stop them. When I first arrived at their base of operations, I realized that all of the characters are flawed, yet human and sympathetic. They’re just rational people in an irrational world. Meanwhile, hating the Nazis feels fresh again, as they have terrifying robot dogs, disturbing personalities, and even playing simple card games makes them unlikable. Now I just love Bethesda because of their detail of content. Since this isn’t an open world RPG, there was even more detail packed in it. The graphics and art direction are excellent, the character models and animations are near flawless. The sound design is pitch perfect. Careful players will hear subtle clues to enemies positions or where to find a specific object in the area. Another thing the game does so well is the thought of killing Nazis. While killing them is still fun, it’s slightly grim to murder living, breathing people. You can almost feel the crushing guilt that sits upon the main protagonists, but doesn’t take itself too seriously that we still can’t have a blast killing space Nazis on the Moon. The level design is also worth noting. The layout is fully explorable and allows you to choose your path, rather than, say, shoving you down a tight corridor and have you in awe if the color layout is slightly different. It should also be noted that this a mature game; there is bigotry from the Nazis, uniquely bloody deaths, and a few intense moments. Much to my friend’s dismay, there is no Denver Airport mentioning in the game, even though the runaway is curiously shaped like a swastika. Be prepared for that. If you can handle that, than you’re going do have a blast playing Wolfenstein: The New Order. I certainly did.

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