“Pitch Perfect 2” Movie Review

How A Capella managed to become such a huge phenomenon in the last few years I probably won’t understand. Maybe it was this film’s predecessor. This musical comedy was released on May 15th, 2015, going on to gross over $199 million at the worldwide box office, and even managed to top School of Rock as the highest grossing music comedy of all time. The original Pitch Perfect was released back in 2012; it was a surprise hit with a modest budget and had several people around the world singing the song Cups by Anna Kendrick, gained global recognition for her part. She continues the lead role in the sequel as Beca Mitchell, a senior member of the Bardon Bella singing group. After a humiliating performance in front of President Obama on his birthday, the Bellas are suspended by the deans, but strike up a deal: If they win the world championship of A Capella, they can be reinstated. Meanwhile, a quirky freshman named Emily, played by Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld, continues her mother’s legacy by joining the Bellas almost mid-year. So it comes a surprise that even though the plot is pretty predictable, you are invested in every moment. The first thing you’ll notice about this sequel is that it has a clearly bigger budget than it’s predecessor, as their is an abundance of cameos. These include Snoop Dogg, the cast of The Voice, Keegan-Michael Key, David Cross, hell, even the Green Bay Packers sing a few songs. Yes, you read correctly: The Green Bay Packers sing A Capella in this movie. But the person who steals the show is definitely Rebel Wilson, who plays the hilarious Fat Amy. Speaking of the humor, this time around, the humor felt slightly shoved down my throat. For example, I thought the opening, while pretty funny, was throwing out a lot of jokes at once. But hey, that’s not why we watch this movie; certainly not me. It’s the soundtrack and music. And by God, whatever shortcomings the cast and writing may have had is made up for by the music. Excellent covers of Beyonce, Fallout Boy, and 90’s hip-hop anthems, along with Anna Kendrick’s hit single, Cups, are welcome additions. Especially those performed by the incredibly talented European team called Das Sound Machine. Aside from winning the championship, the Bardon Bellas slowly learn the value of friendship and the importance of moving on with our lives. Something captured in a rather lackluster original song by Emily. Anyway, if you like comedies and sing-along musicals, then Pitch Perfect 2 should be able to please you.

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