“Jurassic Park” Movie Review

Before this franchise attempts to redeem itself, I must look at the original. This science-fiction adventure film was released June 11th, 1993, grossing $914 million originally, later going over $1 billion from its 2013 3-D re-release. Based on the acclaimed novel by Michael Crichton, the plot follows a millionaire struggling to keep his business in place after a fatal accident. To show the investors bringing two scientists, the millionaire brings a mathematician, and a lawyer to his private island to show them what his business is: gathering and cloning dinosaur DNA and creating more dinosaurs in real life. Unfortunately, their visit is interrupted when Dennis Nedry, a greedy and corrupted employee, hacks the park and lets all the dinosaurs. The survivors must find their way off the island, while the millionaire is struggle to let go of research with so much potential. There are a few noticeable differences between this film, such as when the kids are lost from the group and the ending which I won’t spoil. The script itself has a a few flaws such as inconsistent dialogue that can either be underwritten or perfect for the scene. The direction is unquestionably masterful, showing Steven Spielberg’s true talent behind the screen. Easily the best thing about Jurassic Park is its groundbreaking special CGI effects. Receiving an Oscar for Outstanding Special Effects, the detailed recreations of creatures such as the T-Rex and the Velociraptor still hold up, despite being 2 decades old. The pacing is near perfect, as it creates some of the most intense moments ever seen onscreen. Especially the scene where the kids retreat to the kitchen, and two Velociraptors track them down. And, oh, the soundtrack by John Williams. The main core is an unforgettable as we are introduced to the dinosaurs for the first time. Much like his previous works, he manages to capture both magic and wondrous adventure perfectly. It’s sad, then, that such a humongous film’s reputation was slightly tainted by the two lackluster sequels that followed up. I hope to God, that Jurassic World will be far superior to them if nothing else. All in all, the original Jurassic Park still stands up as one of my favorite films by Steven Spielberg. Even the late Michael Crichton, author of the novel, liked the movie when it first came out. That is a true testament to this film’s quality and success.

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