“Mad Max: Fury Road” Movie Review

I’m sorry this a little late, but I’m glad I finally got to see it. This post-apocalyptic action-adventure film was released on May 15th, 2015, so far grossing over $314 million worldwide. Released 30 years after the third film, Beyond Thunderdome, director George Miller unleashes all his repressed rage in this rollercoaster ride. Set in an unspecified future in the Australian Outback, the world has run low on water, oil, and a handful of other energy sources. After getting captured by a slaver named Immortan Joe, Max Rockatansky finds himself entangled in a treachery by Furiosa, a lieutenant who’s trying to escort some wives to a better place to live. Max reluctantly tags along, eventually dragging a disgraced War Boy named Nux into the group. They’re looking for a place called the Green Place, a supposedly green and prosperous land where Furiosa lived as a child. What I found interesting is how the film was able to incorporate numerous themes into the plot and the character interactions. Immortan Joe’s control over the water is reminiscent of an old event in the Bible, Furiosa is searching for redemption, and the wives are desperate to find a new home for their children. In one scene a wife is seen praying; when asked who she’s praying to she answers, “To anyone who will listen.” This is a grim world, and many have lost their faith. So it’s more or less a cautionary warning of what we will come to if this scenario happens. The action sequences and stunts frequently had my jaw drop to the floor at how they were even possible to film. Essentially filmed as one giant car chase, the seamless transition from one vehicle to another as they are destroyed is nothing short of amazing. Accompanied by George Miller’s pitch perfect direction, the performances from the cast are believable, as we watch their moral decadence swing in the balance throughout all the plot’s twists and turns. The fantastic orchestral soundtrack by Junkie XL adds a level of atmosphere unparalleled in many other films. Note that this film isn’t for everyone, as the action can graphic sometimes, and the subject matter is pretty heavy to handle. Even with that, Mad Max: Fury Road is by far my favorite movie of the year. It works well in so many areas. Story, pacing, atmosphere, acting, themes, and action. If you love post-apocalyptic stories and fast-paced action, look no further this film. Even if you don’t get much context as to why some of the warring factions exist.

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