“Batman: Arkham Knight” Update

Attention all readers and Followers!
Batman: Arkham Knight, the conclusion to the epic Batman Arkham franchise by Rocksteady Studios, is almost upon the horizon. I have already reserved my PlayStation 4 copy of the game, which I will receive on Midnight this Monday. I will immediately start playing it. However, I absolutely refuse to rush through it. I will write up a full, honest to God review on it, but I can’t get through 2015 without a nice emotionally-resonant Batman story. We all know what happened with Arkham Origins, but let’s not talk about that. All of the early reviews on consoles say that it’s one of the best games of the next generation.(Although that’s not saying too much) I have been a humongous fan of Batman for years now, so please give me some space for this highly anticipated game. Remember to tune in around July for the full written review of Batman: Arkham Knight.

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