E3 2015 Impressions

OK, it’s been almost a full week since E3 began, so I must talk about my thoughts on the games that showed. We were all blown away by the gameplay demo for Fallout 4, No Man’s Sky showed us a scale unlike anything seen before, Total War is tying in with the fantasy genre, and Halo 5: Guardians looks gorgeous and epic. As far as EA goes, I am excited for the new Mass Effect game, Andromeda, and I’ll talk more about Battlefront in a little bit. It looked liked the Doom franchise was back in full swing with more stylized violence, Assassin’s Creed looks like it should be able to redeem itself, and Black Ops 3 may or may not turn the franchise formula on its head. There were also a few fresh new I.P.s that caught my attention. For the PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn looks both gorgeous and engaging. On the Xbox One, backwards compatibility is finally available, Rare finally gets a game to work on, Gears of War 4 comes to life, and the Holo Lens shows off the potential of the future. For Honor looks like medieval games can become realistic and historical rather than fantasy. Kitchen for the PS4 with the Oculous Rift looks amazing and intense. Now I had to save the most controversial showing for last. What I’m talking about is Star Wars: Battlefront by EA and Dice. When it was first announced that the same people behind the disaster Battlefield 4 were reviving the Battlefront series, many Star Wars fans were less than pleased. I’ll admit the E3 gameplay was better than I thought it would be. Although several reviewers say that the flying controls are like crap. Others are accusing EA of making the gameplay are a direct re-skin of Battlefield’s multiplayer. (Which isn’t a terrible idea) EA has already screwed up once this year with the release of Battlefield Hardline. But I must say, that I have higher hopes than I had previously.

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