“Batman: Arkham Knight” Update and Debacle on the PC

Well, they can’t all be good. If you guys read my earlier posts, then you know that I bought Batman: Arkham Knight for the PS4 on midnight with additional content. I am loving it so far, and will have a review on it released soon. However, I don’t think just playing the game on the PS4 necessarily restricts me from talking about the PC port. If you guys know what’s happening on there then you have a right to be concerned. It’s just like Mortal Kombat X, where the people on the PC are unlucky, as players have so far encountered extremely poor frame rates, poor performance and numerous crashes. There are even some people who aren’t able to play it. Due to these issues, many Steam Users have posted negative reviews and warned to stay away form the game. Now I am a gamer who understands the inevitable bugs, as I’ve run into some minor ones on my copy of Arkham Knight. And while this may not be as huge a disaster as some other games including Arkham Origins and Battlefield 4, it’s still ridiculous. Thankfully, Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Studios have stepped up to the plate and written an apology to the fans. The game has been removed from Steam following the feedback until the games issues have been fully dealt with. It may end up hurting their bottom line, but the game should be in far better state and released in the way it should have been. I’m still disappointed at how a highly skilled developer like Rocksteady was able to let a terrible port get released in such a state. Still, this is the type of company that I like to see: someone who takes full responsibility for their mistakes and sets out to make up for them, even if it puts their bottom line at risk. This is a sign that gaming companies are actually listening to the feedback of their fans, and take them into account. This means that we should continue fighting for better gaming. Remember to check back in for my review of Batman: Arkham Knight soon. I will be using the PC debacle as a weight in the game’s final score.

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