“Star Wars: Battlefront” Thoughts and Predictions

I know, I know. “Cade, where’s your review for Ant Man? It’s been almost a week.” The review is in progress. Expect it to show up in a few days. But for right now, I need to share my thoughts on EA and DICE’s brand new upcoming game. I’m going to draw comparisons from its predecessors as well as DICE’s Battlefield series. Now Battlefront II has to be one of my favorite games not only of my favorite games in the third/first person shooter genre, but also on the PlayStation 2. It inevitably had a few technical issues, but had significant additions and improvements. The single player component had a substantial depth and enjoyment, the Galactic Conquest was addictive as hell, and the consoles were able to host 64-player wars with a host of upgrades. Cool Hero classes, better A.I., faithful map recreations of Star Wars locations, intense space battles, and was an improvement in almost every aspect over it’s predecessor. But whatever happened to Battlefront 3? Well it was in development, but was cancelled by LucasArts in 2008. And after LucasArts was closed down by Disney in 2013, many believed that it would never come out. But at E3 2013, EA and DICE unveiled a small teaser of their revived version of Battlefront. And in 2014 and 2015, when gameplay was officially revealed and what to expect for the game’s launch, gamers created a long backlash over social media. I myself am kind of skeptical that this can be done. Why? Because EA has become one of the most evil and greedy corporations in America. They charged $120 for the disastrous Battlefield 4, hundreds more just for server access, and forced micro-transactions with Battle Packs. The game is much better and more stable now, but it was still a shameful display. Earlier this year, EA and Visceral Games did the exact same model for Battlefield Hardline with $120 for the full game and the four upcoming expansions; while that game had a pretty stable launch, it was anywhere close to being worth even $60. So EA has one shot left this year with the long-awaited Star Wars: Battlefront. Honestly, I think it could hit or miss. For starters it takes away the features that made Battlefront II awesome. Galactic Conquest, Space Battles, and a single player campaign are completely gone. I really wanted a dynamic battle from ground to space, where it would change if a star destroyer crashed in the middle of the field and killed many soldiers. Or give the Galactic Conquest and single player more RPG elements and improve on them. Nope, now it’s just ground battles in the Classic Trilogy. Hero classes are still an option as are dog fights in the air, but classes have transformed into Call-of-Duty-style customizable loadouts, which isn’t a terrible thing. Those epic 64-player battles, which were also on Battlefield 3 and 4, have been reduced to 40-player matches. On the good side though, Battlefront looks stunningly beautiful with the Frostbite Engine. It looks like some of the new modes, like Walker Assault, will encourage teamwork from players. As far as I can tell, the annoying Battlelog will not be included in Star Wars: Battlefront, although I’m still unsure about Battle Packs. We know the name of just one DLC so far: Battle of Jakku, which adds two maps and one planet that precedes the events of The Force Awakens. It’s free if you pre-ordered the game, but haven’t we learned by now that pre-ordering games is incredibly risky? Especially with EA’s history? But the gameplay looks better than I thought it would be, and I might review the game, but I SWEAR TO GOD! EA if you so much as put one battle pack in this game or fill it with bugs, I will lose all hope. If so, the Star Wars community will bombard you from high orbit.

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