“Ant-Man” Movie Review

It’s time to go ant-size, or go home. This superhero action-adventure film was released worldwide on July 17th, 2015. It managed to gross $229.9 million at the box office, so far making it the least grossing movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Interestingly, one of the most amusing ways Marvel marketed this film was in January, they released a half-minute teaser that was ant-sized and another that was full-sized. It’s good to have a little fun during advertising. After nearly two decades of trying to adapt the Ant-Man story to the big screen, Stan Lee must be proud of Marvel’s finished product. A reclusive scientist named Hank Pym has made contact with his estranged daughter, Hope, with plans to stop his deranged former protege, Darron Cross, from creating technology that could shrink soldiers. These shrinking suits will be known as Yellowjackets, which references a later suit Hank Pym invents in the comics. Traumatized by the mysterious death of his wife, Pym enlists former con-man Scott Lang to help steal his old Ant-Man suit in exchange that Lang can get to see his daughter again. Lang, having just been released from prison, is trying to get his life back in order; meaning he initially turns down his old heist crew. But economic hardships force him to take up Pym’s offer. Scott Lang is given a charming and charismatic performance by relatively underrated comedy actor, Paul Rudd. Meanwhile Michael Douglas shows just how old Hank Pym really is. Former Lost star Evangeline Lilly does a decent job as Hope van Dyne, and a number of other actors join in on the fun such as T.I., Stan Lee Michael Pena, and Corey Stoll. Easily what makes this film work is its bizarre sense of humor. Instead of trying to have us relate with these characters and the story, Marvel highlights how ridiculous the concept of it is, and poke fun at it. The result is consistently funny writing brought to us by two masters of comedic screenplays, Edgar Wright and Adam McKay. Ranging from jokes about good vs evil to dog-sized ants, the script was just straight up fun and hilarious. However I didn’t get hear a few jokes because a third of the way through the movie there was a power surge at the theater I went to and there was no volume for a few scenes. Thankfully the context of those scenes was explained later on in the film. As always I stayed for the post-credit scenes after the film was over. There were two scenes this time that revealed secrets of upcoming movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which I refuse to spoil. And the soundtrack wasn’t very memorable, since it was practically crushed by the film’s amazing visuals. At one point, we get a glimpse of a human inside a subatomic quantum realm that seen=ms reminiscent of the time Tesseract in Interstellar. Whatever your opinion may be on that subject, there is still enough hilarious jokes fun, entertaining special effects in Ant-Man to be worth your time and money at the theaters. Just hope that the theater you’re in doesn’t have a power surge in the middle of an important scene.

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