“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” Movie Review

Writing up a review for this movie was anything but impossible. This action-adventure blockbuster movie from director Christopher McQuarrie was released at the end of July 2015, and thus far has absorbed $121 million at the box office, but has the potential to do so much better. This franchise has managed to eclipse its source material, once a 1960’s spy T.V. show, now has become a hugely successful action blockbuster. Released four years after the previous iteration, Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation follows IMF agent Ethan Hunt as he tracks down a mythical secret intelligence group called The Syndicate. Meanwhile, field director William Brandt is facing the courts committee when the CIA officially dissolves them and their assets. As Ethan and his friend Benji track down the Syndicate, they must also contend with a sexy female triple agent, portrayed by the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson, and the CIA. While the action movie genre isn’t really known for great compelling stories, the Mission Impossible franchise has been able to balance an edge-of-your-seat narrative with action that doesn’t expect you to take it seriously. Speaking of action, as one the biggest-budget films in the series, Rogue Nation holds nothing back in terms of dramatic action sequences. The film actually opens with Tom Cruise holding on for dear life on the outside of a cargo plane that’s taking off into flight. No, it was actually flying up in the air. Another entertaining action scene was during a showing of the opera Turandot when Ethan Hunt was having a one-on-one duel against an assassin attempting to kill the Austrian Chancellor. I’ve got to admit; when I first arrived at the theater to see this film, I was skeptical of Tom Cruise’s abilities as an action star anymore. Could he just be a highlight of how close he really is to running out the clock. But at 53 years old, Tom Cruise is still rocking it as an action star who still has the charisma and energy he had when Mission Impossible first kicked off nearly two decades ago. In fact, this time around, they came very close to showing how short he actually is. Practical effects seamlessly integrated with choreographed stunt action makes for a thrilling time that’s worth your time and money. Sorry for the delays, but you still should go out and watch Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation. I can tell you now that this is possibly the best movie in the Mission Impossible franchise yet. I’m unsure if this is the last one, but maybe we can see something new to refresh the spy-action genre. Spectre or another Bourne film maybe?

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