“Zootopia” Movie Review

You know all there is to know: a new Disney animated film is out in theaters. You know that’s going to be a party. This computer-animated comedy adventure released nationwide on March 4th, 2016, to overwhelming critical acclaim and record-breaking box office receipts for an animated flick. Like many other classic Disney animations, this movie is set in Zootopia, a city where anthropomorphic animals of all species supposedly live in harmony and conduct the same activities and habits as human beings. Only thing is that there is a social divide between the predators and the prey, as each have differing stereotypes of one another. The main focus is on Judy Hopps, the first bunny to ever join the Zootopia Police Department. When over 14 predators go missing, she is given 48 hours to find them, and enlists the help of sly fox conman, Nick P. Wilde, to investigate. The most surprising thing about the plot was how it wasn’t black and white with us rooting for the prey the entire time. It was a very complex conspiracy, and holds many relevant metaphors for stereotypes and prejudice of different ethnicity. I felt that each animal species in Zootopia was meant to represent a different archetype of society, such as the glutinous elephants, and the fearful bunny rabbits. The characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde were very memorable because they weren’t perfect people. They were imperfect beings, and without that I don’t feel they would have been as interesting to the audience. And ultimately, the focus on Judy is not any romance or relationship with Nick, although that is an undercurrent. She just wants to pursue a career as a police officer rather than become a beautiful princess. Voiced by the talented Ginnifer Goodwin, it’s her imperfections that her such a monumental character. Jason Bateman shares some great chemistry with her as Nick P. Wilde, along with the rest of the stellar cast. Idris Elba and J.K. Simmons are two of the best actors working today; we know that because we all saw Spiderman, and we all binge watched Luther. Admit it. And if you thought Frozen was a gorgeous animation movie, then you’ll be equally blown away by this one. Everything feels so polished and colorful, and the character expressions in body language is superb. I also can’t praise this movie enough for the number of clever pop culture references it makes. There are both direct and subtle references to the Godfather, contemporary Disney movies, Macy’s, Breaking Bad, and even Fifty Shades of Grey. Not even joking, there was a a billboard that read “Mr. Lemming will see you now.” Zootopia is a modern Disney classic that stands up to par with the Lion King and Aladdin. A complex, political dissection of our modern society, you can leave a comment over whether you like it better than Frozen. Bottom line: We’re in the midst of a second Disney Renaissance.

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