100 Followers Special Post- Thank You, and What This Site Has Meant to Me

I literally cannot believe I’ve gotten here. There’s a wave of different but equally strong emotions coming over me. To some, it may seem somewhat inconsequential, but I absolutely have to something about it. Today, I have just earned over 100 Followers on my WordPress website. That is a huge and important number to me for a multitude of reasons. There’s simply so much that I want to say and acknowledge before carrying on with normal Blog Posts. Allow me to start by telling you a story. On June 30th, 2014, I was at a particularly transitional period in my life. I was in high school, more and more responsibilities were being dropped on my shoulders, and very few options for future job opportunities sounded very appealing to me. But then, my bright little sister, very much aware of my deep and passionate love of cinema, suggested I could start a blog. She and some of her friends had tried it a few years earlier but for some reason never got back around to it. I was looking to improve my writing skills, as I had some stories I really wanted to tell but wasn’t sure if I could. So I went out on a whim and created a WordPress account. The very first film review I ever published on my new Blong, titled Geek’s Landing as a play-on from Game of Thrones, was for Disney’s Maleficent. It was little more than a paragraph long and, in retrospect, I think I was far too forgiving to that film. And yet, the allure of sharing my opinion on films I had seen kept drawing me back to the desktop. So I wrote another review, this time for Snowpiercer by Bong Joon-Ho. Then Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, then Guardians of the Galaxy. Then I started expanding and talking about video games and even T.V. shows every now and then. My reviews got longer and longer, the writing got better and better, and my opinions became more structurally formed. The whole time, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from having a Blog like this. What would people think of a kid from Austin, Texas, trying to share his passion with the world, when it may seem boring to others? I don’t have any social media whatsoever so if I have had an opinion on something, it was either writing up a new Blog Post or sending a letter to the local newspaper editor. If someone “Liked” my posts, it was good. I got one occasionally, but it wasn’t anything worth boasting. And then, on July 25th of that year, I had gotten my first official Follower; the user’s name was jgiambrone, and he still posts new stuff every day. And as more and more users Followed my Blog over the next 4 years, my confidence and organization skills grew. Which is why I wanted to take a moment here on Geek’s Landing to show you that I truly appreciate all of the support that I have received from fellow readers and users. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking through, because it hasn’t always been easy. More than once, writing reviews or compiling “Best Of” lists on here has helped me chug through some extremely emotional periods of my life. At one point, I legitimately considered terminating this website and quitting my hobby altogether. Yet somehow, I still felt the need to write reviews for the people who kept Following me. And so I pressed onward, and it’s done so much more than just give me the idea that I might be popular online when I really wasn’t in real life. No, it’s made me truly realize that I am not the only one out there who loves watching movies and talking about them. That there are more people who feel truly passionate about the medium in the same way as I do. And I’m not trying to compete with my fellow movie critics here on WordPress. I am saying that you guys, especially, as well as every other user who has kept up or been curious with my writings, has helped reinforce my passion and why I one day want to be a part of it. In fact, I have actually written a number of screenplays just over this past year that I’m really excited about. Most of them are still in early draft stages, but there are a couple that I feel the most confident about making soon. I’ll hopefully have more details to share with y’all on them once I can get a financier from the Austin or San Marcos area involved. (If you know of any, please don’t hesitate to point me in their direction) Plus, a handful of my friends or colleagues might be willing to lend me a helping hand in production. And again, any of that probably wouldn’t have been possible without you guys, without your consistent support. No matter what my family might expect of me as an adult, or no matter how many educators and peers scoff at my excitement for it, I can always live with the comfort that at least some people on WordPress or other places will share my passion for cinema. Don’t worry, I do still intend to keep writing reviews and all as time goes on. But I just really wanted to let everyone reading know how much this Blog has genuinely changed my life for the better. And I look forward to whatever it brings to me, whether on this website or in real life elsewhere.

1 thought on “100 Followers Special Post- Thank You, and What This Site Has Meant to Me

  1. Chaz

    Congrats!! Thanks for the heartfelt post. Your passion really shines through and we need more of that here. Here’s to the next 100! 🍻


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